Caldwell, Idaho. – April 2022

Sometimes, not only is it not necessary to stray too for from your vehicle to catch in image, it’s impossible to even get out of it.  I saw this large field of… yellow while traveling down some very backroads near Caldwell, ID., and wanted to see if I could turn it into something.

Getting to the good light, (an absolute must) meant heading down what was very likely a private road, then turning around in the farm driveway (just the entrance) to find a perch right on the edge of the ditch surrounding the field.  If I climbed out of my truck I’d be in the ditch and my field of view much lower. (far too low)  Even getting out of the truck would have been a chore as my tires where right on the edge of what was a 5-6 foot drop to the bottom from my door step.  So, side mirror pulled in all the way and hang the camera out the window holding it high for a better angle over the top of the field.   Not great, maybe… but pretty enough.